Pelotea - Sports Tech Platform

A sports tech platform that allows the users to interact with new team members and have ability to play according to their wish.




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Android / IOS / Web

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Football is passion in South America. We just delivered on that passion a platform that lets users to feel like a pro. From professional player profiles, to participation in leagues, conducting tournaments and reserving the stadiums, Pelotea is an all in one solution as a Sports Networking App.


Field Profile

Lets stadium owners to register their fields and showcase their facilities with user. We worked on features on how to offer different customizations for the owners.


Make Reservation

Slot based reservation system designed to fulfill all the requirements. Also excited to share some unique features like recurring reservation reminder.


Navigation Focused Dashboard

We studied the demographics and designed the navigation focused home page highlighting the platform’s most essential features.


Creating and hosting sports tournaments, scheduling exiting matchups, keep track of the most valuable player and share the status on popular social media networks.



Robust chat feature that allows users to create, share and get exposure on their games whether it is a big scale tournament or just a friendly neighborhood street match.



Branding . Wireframing . Prototyping . UX . UI

image image image image


AngularJS . Python . AWS . Webpack

image image image image

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