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For Innotical, hybrid mobile application development services are vigorous and high performing that are both scalable as well as secure. Our culture of adopting eminent technologies is an invaluable asset and Hybrid happens to be one of them. Hybrid apps are basically small websites that run in an app’s browser shell having access to the native platform layer. Its advantages as far as platform support, access to third party code and development speed is concerned has made Hybrid quite popular among the top hybrid mobile apps development companies worldwide.
While we talk about Hybrid apps, developing the same using the ionic framework has gained prominence. Ionic apps are straightforward since in naïve terms it is merely a web page that runs in an app’s native shell. Herein the Innotical developers build a self contained app experience instead of creating a website that others look up, to link to. Using this cross platform named Hybrid gives the hybrid mobile app development agencies the freedom to altogether implement an exceptional blend of web technologies like JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.


Why choose us ?

  • image Our customized and feature packed hybrid app development solutions are efficient to oblige various domains.
  • image For the hybrid app developers at Innotical, gaining leverage utilizing an extraordinary blend of different features, technologies and methodologies is the USP.
  • image The seamless integration undertaken by our experienced hybrid app developers is full proof to understand the peculiarities of hybrid technologies that assists in high levels of quality assurance and on time delivery.
  • image Our expertise in using ionic (an open source software development kit) for developing hybrid mobile applications has won us accolades and helped us carve a niche for ourselves as one of the most promising hybrid mobile app development firm in the industry.

Why Hybrid ?

  • image Development Cost efficiency – A hybrid app’s development is comparatively cheaper as against other native or web mobile apps that not only reduces the development cost but helps the enterprises to launch the product in the market in less time.
  • image Improved UI/UX – Hybrid apps offer a glitch-free experience due to its consistency across multiple platforms with an instant response on different devices.
  • image Simpler integration – Hybrid apps are known for leveraging any device’s internal programming system that further assists in seamless synchronization among other compatible mobile apps too. The developers find it easy to build hybrid apps due to lesser integration issues faced by them

Projects done in Hybrid


An Organic Food Company

Go play Book:

Sports booking portal

Om Sandesh:

Business solutions platform

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