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Best Start-Up in Health Technology


Awarded as Best Startup Of The Year, 2016 by International Business Awards and India Reality Awards, an annual event that is held every year since 2012 to recognize the achievements of the business fraternity and organizations that align principle with action, work tirelessly to make trust part of their corporate DNA, and in doing so, shape future industry standards by introducing tomorrow’s best practices today. The award stand to represent the entire startup and tech community to create a stronger united brand.


MVP Development Consultant, Start-Up India.


Innotical is listed as an MVP development consultant for the upcoming startups and have provided valuable consultation to the emerging entrepreneurs by Start-Up India, an initiative by Indian Government inaugurated on 16 January 2016. The event was attended by CEOs, startup founders and venture capitalists. This is an initiative based on:
• Simplification and Handholding.
• Funding Support and Incentives.
• Industry-Academia Partnership and Incubation.

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How to increase your user base with Mobile Apps?

2018-02-10| by Innotical

With today’s technology it is relatively easy to create a mobile app. What turns out to be a challenge is to make sure that it serves the purpose it has been made for and is successful in receiving positive feedback. So, your app is published and you are, obviously, very proud of it! Now, what you wantRead more about How to increase your user base with Mobile Apps?[…]

How much does an app development will cost to you?

2018-02-10| by Innotical

In the current scenario Mobile apps have become so important and can help you grow your existing business or launch a new one. How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? This question is among the first ones that are being asked when any app development project begins. Mobile App development cost estimate is whatRead more about How much does an app development will cost to you?[…]

Don’t Just Build MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – Build A Real MVP

2018-02-06| by Innotical

The idea of the Minimum viable product first coined by Frank Robinson, then popularized by Steve Blank’s Customer Development methodology in the 1990s and Eric Ries’ Lean Startup movement in the early 2000s. Ries defined an MVP as a phase of the product discovery process: “the version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amountRead more about Don’t Just Build MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – Build A Real MVP[…]

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