While one aims towards establishing their app presence among the audience, it becomes indispensable to adapt the cross platform app development medium. With the inception of an era of multiple mobile devices and smatphone platforms, it is not difficult to find users using variety i.e. Android or iOS or may be Blackberry. The most widely accepted and brilliant strategy being opted currently by the users as well as app development companies is building cross platform application development.
At Innoticals Solutions, our experts are well versed with designing and developing applications that can be used across multiple platforms. We employ agile methodologies and the best cross platform app development tools to meet global quality standards while fulfilling client requirements. Our team utilizes top technologies and frameworks like Ionic and React Native to bring to you high performing apps.


Why choose us ?

  • image We have gained expertise in developing cross platform application development, that too, at the price of just one codebase.
  • image Our curation process for the apps result in slick and polished looking ready-to-market native looking apps.
  • image The seasoned developers working with us employ powerful and flexible backend frameworks that help build applications within stipulated deadlines.

Why Ionic ?

  • image Being an open source framework, it is cost effective making the integration of native functionality easy with Cordova.
  • image It is highly responsive and ensures seamless customization of default UI elements making it a favorite among developers.
  • image Ionic is a comprehensive package offering notable features for fast and smooth mobile app development process.
  • image It is not just a code but a complete ecosystem in itself that comes handy with numerous development tools and resources like Ionic Native, Ionic Cloud, Ionic CLI and much more.

Projects done in Ionic


Football made Social

A sports tech portal that allows the users to interact with new team members, connect with other footballers, teams and have ability to play according to their wish.

Deal money:

Fin-tech platform

It's an innovative financial investment portal that provides you with financial protection, wealth accumulation solutions and trading platform for customers across India.


Social Fitness App

A fitness tracker app that lets users to find a workout sessions, activities, and events in and around their desire location. Choosing from over a wide range of sports, fitness, or adventure activities.

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