“Similar to ethereum, EOS is a powerful development platform for the development of decentralized applications with all the benefits of the blockchain. Nothing completely new is being done here, rather an advancement of previous technology. EOS declares to have the ability to process over 50,000 transactions per second without taking a performance hit and also planning to completely remove transaction fees. Decentralized applications on the EOS network can interact with one another, though each has their own safe and secure firewall to keep them safe. Because of this application, users won’t have to generate multiple accounts for using different types of applications on the EOS network. We, Innoticals Solutions is a leading EOS app development company, understands the current market need that inspires us to hold a talented team of Eos app developers who create responsive and interactive web applications.


why Eos ?

  • image The EOS is already designed platform for applications that allow developers to enter into a full-featured verification system. Secured user data come as a feature of the EOS network. The latest EOS updates have enabled shared database access between accounts and the ability to store user data on a local machine off of the blockchain.
  • image All of the computers on the network can confirm the current state of the whole blockchain in order to prevent fraud or scam and confirm transactions.
  • image Cloud storage is also a part of EOS system. Application developers can build and organize applications and web interfaces.
  • image An application does not need micropayments by users to send messages and perform any of the tasks on the EOS blockchain. Companies are free to come up with their own monetization strategies and offer their users service for free or not.

Feature ?

  • image SCABLE- EOS supports commercial scale DApps inter-blockchain communication separates authentication from execution. EOS are also claiming they can easily compute millions of transactions per second. .
  • image FLEXIBLE- EOS blockchain technology Freeze and fix broken applications generalized role-based permission.
  • image Usable- EOS system permits self-describing interfaces, web toolkit for interface development, and a declarative permission scheme.

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