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Pelotea: For Soccer Players!

A sports tech portal that allows the users to interact with new team members, connect with other footballers, teams and have ability to play according to their wish.

MySwaasth: Personal Health Partner

A complete healthcare companion designed to easily evaluate your symptoms and provides you with most possible causes, medical information and treatment by some of the best doctors within India.

Agro: Dignifying Agriculture

Agro - A farmer’s friend, developed for Colombia to digitize the existing way farmers sell their hard earned crops, eliminating the middle-man and giving control directly in the hands of farmers.

Naytr: Beautifying the way India buys glasses

A fully customizable E Commerce portal built keeping in mind the current trend in consumer behavior. It allows you to sell the sunglasses and eye glasses online making it easy for the seller and consumers.

Legal Doc: Make your legal documents in minutes

It includes legal forms, letters and agreements to safeguard your legal rights and protect you, your family, your property, and your business from everyday legal issues.

Deal money: Fin-tech platform

It's an innovative financial investment portal that provides you with financial protection, wealth accumulation solutions and trading platform for customers across India.

Om Sandesh: Business solutions platform

Business solution app that allows business to collect big data from its users, through photo or video reports, to optimize their processes in real time.

Winana.inc: A reporting system

It allows mobile user to capture any event’s data through Systems Mobile App along with multiple pictures, video clips(30 seconds), GPS Location, and date-time information.

Dr Sunil Dental: Dental Care App

This app assists you to find dental services and book your instant appointment. You can check for all your dental problems online and book your appointment right from your Smartphone.

Go play Book: Sports booking portal

An online sports app that provides opportunities to Search Players, book grounds create your own team, & analyze your scores, stats and much more.

YICU: Social Fitness App

A fitness tracker app that lets users to find a workout sessions, activities, and events in and around their desire location. Choosing from over a wide range of sports, fitness, or adventure activities.

UTAIR: Reservation Management System

A time crunch project we did for the religious travel that happens once every year in India where we booked 350 tickets daily for 40 days and managed the whole system seamlessly.

Agronic- An Organic Food Company

A set up to meet the growing demand for organically grown crop and fruit in India. A one shop solution for all organic products.

Kitchen Sous: A Restaurant Management System

This allows you to create your menu, impress customers with photos of items and allows your staff to focus on creating a unique restaurant experience.

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