NAYTR: Beautifying the way India buys Glasses

We designed and developed Naytr to cater the growing demand of eyewear in India, the market with a CAGR of 28%. We wanted to make the website elegant, clean and fast, keeping in mind the current trend in consumer behavior which was shifting from health towards fashion.



E-Commerce Eyewear

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Naytr is an e-commerce platform to sell the sunglasses and eye glasses. A fully customized e-commerce portal built from scratch because it required a lot of changes that were to be done for instance the eye glasses were to be sold with a specific number. At, your vision is venerated and is promised to take good care of, by providing the best variety of eyewear available in the market just to fit your need and choice.


Custom Designed Dashboard

Dashboard designed and developed from ground up. All features like uploading products, discounts module, content management, uni-commerce integration, payment gateway integration etc were all built in-house.


Products Listing

Minimalist design with grids divided into 3. The page uses lazy loading techniques to load the products faster, keeping the experience swift and free of any distraction.
Drop down list of filters at the top helping the user to decide between brands, frame size, frame type, size, weight and price. Realtime color option selection given with each product.


Choose from a variety of frames

Product description page with all options following the one click philosophy.

Handcrafting Eyewear for Users

Major challenge for this development was the amount of permutations & Combinations in this industry are unlimited. You can have different n number of lens type, then n number of power of lenses and that too can vary for either eye.


Easy Check Out Page

The catchy part of any E-Commerce is the ease for a user to complete the purchase and we have made it super easy in Naytr. Despite being numerous steps to customise the Eye wear we have given option to complete the purchase at any point just so that we can finalize the purchase and the customization can be taken care by the executive. This increases the bounce on the website.



Branding . Wireframing . Prototyping . UX . UI

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AngularJS . NodeJS . AWS . Webpack

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